Time & attendance

Track each employee's working hours and schedule compliance.

Track attendance easily

Register clock-ins and clock-outs through the employee app and Orquest's in-store clocking application. It is also compatible with other systems such as ID cards, fingerprint or facial recognition.

Keep an eye on each employee's activity

Monitor hours worked and breaks for each team member, and set up alerts to detect in real time unjustified absences or non-compliance with established work restrictions.

Check schedule compliance

Compare assigned schedules with recorded clock-ins. Distribute the hours worked in ordinary or overtime if required, and export your consolidated clock-ins so that the payroll system calculates the right amount.

Made for retail and the people who make it


+90% time saved

Saves planning time that can be spent on improving management.


-15% in turnover

More committed thanks to a fairer and more suitable shift distribution.


-26% in waiting time

Happier and more satisfied with the in-store experience.


+17% in productivity

More efficiently managed and, as a result, more profitable.

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Always take the best care of your customers while boosting your sales with efficient AI-driven in-store team scheduling.

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