The best part of ORQUEST Workforce Management Software is hidden inside

The use of Advanced Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to develop sophisticated algorithms inside the forecast, dimensioning and scheduling engines allow us to achieve unprecedented accuracy levels in staff planning and scheduling.

ORQUEST will help you provide the best care for your customers, which will, in turn, maximise your sales and guarantee the optimal productivity of your staff, resulting in maximised profit. Having the right staff, at the right time, right when the customer needs it.

Discover the strengths of our Workforce Management Software​

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Impact on Results

Prediction, dimensioning, staff scheduling and planning engines have been designed to take advantage of every opportunity to impact on both sales and costs. All with unmatched response time, allowing you to plan a team of 100 employees in less than 3 minutes.
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Quick Implementation

Our user interfaces are designed to simplify a process as complex as staff scheduling and planning. This also allows us to deploy the solution in a large number of stores in less than 3 months.

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Adaptability & Flexibility

The planning engines’ innovative design allows us to adjust their functionality to the characteristics of each of our clients and their stores.


An international solution

ORQUEST is present in 22 countries and more than 1,300 businesses. By scheduling and planning for more than 42,500 employees, it helps achieve goals by increasing sales, improving Conversion Rates and Average Ticket, while optimising salary costs and time spent on staff planning.

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How does ORQUEST ?

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How our Workforce Management Software can help you?

Plan optimal schedules and tasks, design a recruitment plan tailored to your needs, give your employees access to their schedules and preferences and analyze the results of your planning by measuring the performance and impact on your stores with ORQUEST.


Integrate ORQUEST with other systems

Regardless of how condensed or dispersed the information is in the different systems of the company, ORQUEST has integration APIs that allows data to be extracted from wherever they are located.
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Would you like to know how much could your businesses performance improve?

With your store’s activity data and your employee’s productivity data, we can perform a FREE assessment, and identify how much room for improvement your retail business has.

You will see how ORQUEST retail solutions can transform your business and improve your performance.