Anticipate your staffing needs with a hiring plan that adjusts to each store's reality, simulating different scenarios, avoiding under- or over-coverage, and making onboarding processes easier.

Match each store's coverage to reality

Identify whether each store's coverage matches sales targets and seasonality, to anticipate overstaffing or understaffing, up to a year in advance. Thanks to AI, Orquest identifies peaks and valleys in demand to adjust the volume of contracted hours to each moment and optimize their impact.

Test different scenarios

Simulate different hiring strategies, add virtual employees or modify the conditions of those already hired in the simulation to view their impact, identify improvements and evaluate costs in detail.

Design a customized recruitment plan

Choose the scenario that best fits each store, and foresee adjustments to be made to the current team and additions needed throughout the year. Save time and costs with a strategy that responds to your reality.

"With Orquest I feel confident that I have the right employee when the client needs them."

Restaurant Manager - McDonald's Spain

Made for retail and the people who make it


+90% time saved

Saves planning time that can be spent on improving management.


-15% in turnover

More committed thanks to a fairer and more suitable shift distribution.


-26% in waiting time

Happier and more satisfied with the in-store experience.


+17% in productivity

More efficiently managed and, as a result, more profitable.

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Always take the best care of your customers while boosting your sales thanks to efficient in-store team scheduling based on AI-forecasting.

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