Plan shifts and tasks while maximising customer and employee satisfaction with our staff planning software.

Through sophisticated algorithms and Mathematical Optimisation Techniques, ORQUEST generates the optimal shift and task planning for each employee at your retail and QSR stores. Make high quality customer service be your differentiating value.

Our staff planning software module allows you to:

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If you manage big stores or restaurants organized by sections and are looking to maximize sales per labor hour, SECTIONS is for you.
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Discover the strengths of our staff planning software

Increase sales and profits | Orquest Software Planificación de Personal

Increased Sales and Benefits

Grow your sales up to 8% thanks to the improvement in shift and tasks planning. Generate a sales impact in retail stores and QSR restaurants through a high quality customer service. Lower operational costs and increase profits.

Customers & Employees Satisfaction ​| Orquest Software Planificación de Personal

Customers & Employees Satisfaction

Generate schedules adjusted to your employees preferences and ensure a fair workload balance. Improve customer service through employee satisfaction.

Legality | Orquest Software Planificación de Personal


Generate schedules with our retail and QSR scheduling software which guarantees 100% of regulation compliance, regardless of the business environment’s complexity.
ORQUEST has 3 benefits: it is effective because it allows us to schedule sales with only a 3% deviation. It is adaptable because it allows us to have the right employees, at the right time with the right skills. And we save 60% on tasks of generating schedules because it is easy to use, helping us to focus on the most important thing, customer service.
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What else does ORQUEST offer me?​

In addition to planning optimal schedules and tasks, ORQUEST allows you to design a recruitment plan tailored to your needs, to give your employees access to their schedules and preferences, and to analyze the results of your planning by measuring the performance and impact on your stores.

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With your store’s activity data and your employee’s productivity data, we can perform a FREE assessment, and identify how much room for improvement your retail business has. You will see how ORQUEST can transform your business and improve your performance.

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