Smart Planning

Plan your retail in-store teams based on accurate AI-calculated demand and deliver the best customer service every single day.

The big three

How does it work?

Predict your demand accurately and reliably

Using advanced computing and AI, Orquest analyzes each store's historical data to identify seasonal patterns and automatically creates an accurate prediction of how your customers will behave at any given time.

  • Know how your stores will perform thanks to machine learning algorithms that sample past data to identify early trends.
  • Get the most accurate prediction every time using different forecasting variables - seasonal, inter-weekly and inter-annual trends - and identifying special days.
  • Adapt quickly to unexpected events thanks to a forecast that is constantly and automatically improving with new data.
  • Easily integrate data through APIs or file transfer.

Calculate the actual coverage needs

Orquest identifies the tasks and number of employees needed to optimally meet the store's goals, defining  your own productivity parameters, for instance. These needs can be set by store or sections.

  • Match your stores' operational needs with the actual forecast for optimal coverage.
  • Tailor the needs assessment to specific business goals by customizing your own settings.
  • Set your needs by store or section for an even more refined assessment.

Automate scheduling

Based on the forecast and needs calculation, Orquest automatically assigns shifts and tasks to obtain the most efficient scheduling that meets business goals, complies with employee constraints and optimizes costs.

  • Get efficient, ready-to-use schedules that meet your customers' demand and your stores' needs every day.
  • Check all boxes with an optimized shift distribution that meets employee (skills, contract, availability), regulatory and business constraints.
  • Add last minute changes and get the most efficient updated schedule in one click.

“Orquest allows us to have the right people on the clock every hour. We save 60% of time because it is easy to use, allowing us to focus on what is most important, customer service.”

Robert Ros - COO - McDonald’s Spain

Made for retail and the people who make it


+90% time saved

Saves planning time that can be spent on improving management.


-15% in turnover

More committed thanks to a fairer and more suitable shift distribution.


-26% in waiting time

Happier and more satisfied with the in-store experience.


+17% in productivity

More efficiently managed and, as a result, more profitable.

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