Orquest App

Employees can check their shifts and scheduling updates, request changes and preferences, ask for permissions and track their own activity.

Schedules within everyone's reach

From the app, employees can check the shifts assigned to them by their manager and schedule updates in real time. Available for iOS and Android, they can also clock in, clock out and take breaks.

Last-minute changes simplified

In case of unforeseen events, managers can immediately notify proposed vacant shifts, which interested employees can accept, as well as last-minute changes.

Flexible scheduling

Employees can request days off, availabilities, specific shifts or preferences from the app, which managers can include in the automatic scheduling.

"The App is great. You have everything pretty organized and you can request days, rather than calling your managers."

Orquest App user

Made for retail and the people who make it


+90% time saved

Saves planning time that can be spent on improving management.


-15% in turnover

More committed thanks to a fairer and more suitable shift distribution.


-26% in waiting time

Happier and more satisfied with the in-store experience.


+17% in productivity

More efficiently managed and, as a result, more profitable.

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