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Optimise staff scheduling and management in your business thanks to artificial intelligence and achieve better results with our retail and QSR solutions.


Increase your sales and profit through our Workforce Management software thanks to Artificial Intelligence​.

ORQUEST is a Workforce Management Scheduling Software based on cutting edge algorithms, Advanced Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, designed specifically for the retail and QSR industry.
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We are ready for the new normal

We are working hard to respond quickly and accurately to the changing market reality. We adjusted our algorithms, to help ease the current problems you are facing. We are proud to offer you solutions to:

Unpredictable demand | Orquest Software

(Un)Predictable Demands

We adjusted our forecast to the new reality and it continues being the most accurate one available (with deviations <3%).

Employee Social Distancing | Orquest Software

Employee Social Distancing

We schedule taking in consideration the current safety measures while obtaining the best performance and benefits.

Shifts Optimization | Orquest Software

Shifts Optimization

Our retail and QSR management software allows you to implement longer shifts thus avoiding that employees coincide in arrivals and departures.


Intelligent Decisions | Orquest Software

Intelligent Decisions

Powerful decision algorithms, built on years of experience in machine learning and mathematics optimization, are in the ORQUEST core. Thanks to them we can guarantee that our customers make the best decisions.

Precise Forecast | Orquest Software

Precise Forecast

The advanced demand prediction algorithms allows us to achieve surprising precision levels, attaining deviations of 3% thanks to our retail and QSR software solutions.

Labor Regulation Compliance | Orquest Software

Labor Regulation Compliance

ORQUEST scheduling algorithms are designed to meet 100% of legislations anywhere, regardless of the complexity. ORQUEST is especially designed for complex regulatory environments.

How can our workforce management software help you?


Your business's staff drives your...

ORQUEST  has a disruptive approach that impacts businesses by increasing sales through improved customer service and staff productivity in physical stores and restaurants.

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Would you like to know how much could your businesses performance improve?

With your store’s activity data and your employee’s productivity data, we can perform a FREE assessment, and identify how much room for improvement your retail business has.

You will see how ORQUEST retail solutions can transform your business and improve your performance.

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If you want to increase your sales and profit through optimised scheduling and planning of your employees, ORQUEST is your solution. Request your free demo or tell us how we can help you and we will contact you.