Sell more by planning your establishments better

A solution built to respond to all the staff scheduling problems at your establishment.

Our Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics-based scheduling will help you provide the best customer service, which will maximize your sales. Have the right employees at the right time, just when customers need them.


A staff management platform for better operating efficiency

ORQUEST is a complete WFM platform offering smart modules that respond to any crucial question that may arise during the staff scheduling and management process.


Precisely forecast when customers will visit the establishment and the number of employees necessary to provide the best customer service and the maximum conversion rate.

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Automatically generate the best store schedule and task plan to maximize customer service and sales.


Identify in advance the actions to carry out to ensure that the store always has the right staff structure.


Transparently and easily manage time worked by employees.


Provide employees the best communications tool to be able to interact with their schedules and tasks.


Easily manage the performance of the plans generated to identify areas for improvement.

Align your employees’ schedules with customer visits

Schedules and tasks planning

✓ Ensure you have the right sized team for your establishment.

✓ Ensure you offer the best customer service without wasting your employees’ hours.

✓ Focus on selling more.

Precisely forecast employees’ activities and needs to ensure peak performance

Take conjecture and intuition out of scheduling, using the latest data from your own sales systems to ensure precise forecasting of personnel needs to maximize the establishment’s productivity and performance.

Generate schedules and tasks in line with the establishment’s business

Make customer service your differentiating value. Generate schedules and tasks for each employee guaranteeing the best customer service. This will have a positive impact on your sales.

Have the perfectly sized team

Recruitment planning

✓ Ensure you have the right staff structure.

✓ Stay one step ahead and generate the optimal recruitment plan.

Identify staffing disparities

Find the days and times when staffing is out of sync with the forecasted activity for each activity period. Identify the number of hours.

Generate the optimal recruitment plan

Automatically generate an annual recruitment plan that will allow you to have the optimal staff structure to offer the best customer service and guarantee peak performance for your store.

Mobility to make life easier for your employees

Make it easier for managers to perform planning tasks on a tablet.

Facilitate direct communication.

Mobile App

The ORQUEST employee app allows your employees to easily interact with their schedules, receive notifications in real time about potential changes, and easily communicate their preferences to their manager. 

Easily analyze your stores’ efficiency

✓ Analyze and understand efficiency

✓ Discover the hidden secret to improving employee productivity.

Find incredibly valuable data

With ORQUEST, you’ll be able to provide incredibly valuable information about your employees’ performance and productivity to the people who need it most: corporate planners and managers, making it easy to share reports and historic data analyses, thus boosting the establishments’ performance.

Visibility and transparency in attendance management

✓ Be able to view your employees’ productivity and performance at all times.

✓ Easily compare the work planned with what was actually carried out.

Simplify clocking in and out

Your employees’ time management goes beyond recording the times they clock in and clock out. Human resources, payroll, and managers themselves need to have access to each employee’s data with varying degrees of granularity in order to have an understanding of their productivity.