Human Resources

Eliminate the manual processes that decrease employee productivity and are so prone to error.

Unconditionally guarantee compliance with all regulations and avoid litigation. With ORQUEST you’ll have the transparency and visibility you need to be able to easily identify non-compliance and inefficiency and define improvement actions.

Guarantee compliance

Stay up-to-date with all local and national labor laws.

Improve organizational efficiencies

Manage employee attendance and time sheets and eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets prone to error.

Improve employee satisfaction

Improve communication and transparency with your employees. Offer them the option of sharing their preferences.

Reduce payroll errors

Eliminate manual processes for calculating payroll and sending payroll communications from corporate systems.


Eliminate loss of efficiency due to scheduling extra personnel when there are few customers and never miss sales opportunities due to lack of personnel at peak times.

Maximize your sales and get the most out of your staff’s sales potential.

Increase productivity

Ensure you always have people with the right skills in the right place when customers need them.

Increase the performance of each establishment

Reduce the cost of overtime and unplanned absences with more strategic and consistent scheduling processes.

Improve team satisfaction

Improve communication, collaboration, and transparency in the planning of schedules.

Improve efficiency

Save more than 60% of store manager time dedicated to scheduling.


Improve profitability, control labor costs and improve operating margins.

Achieve better profitability with a global solution designed to satisfy your current and future point of sale needs.

Increase point of sale performance and productivity

Generate optimized schedules that maximize the establishment’s operating margin.

Manage the use of overtime

Keep the margin steady at both peak and non-peak times.

Gain visibility and transparency

Keep the margin steady at both peak and non-peak times.


Avoid complex integrations between corporate systems in human resources management processes.

Facilitate communication between systems and key business processes such as workforce planning, attendance control, budget planning, payroll and ERP.

Ensure failure tolerance, and avoid expensive periods of unavailability due to errors between systems.

Don’t worry about your systems and infrastructure scalability. Guarantee to grow in capacities as the business needs it.

Save costs and have less worries thanks to the SaaS and Cloud model of the solution.

Ensure security and quality compliance with the AWS cloud.