Reduce the scheduling time of your business’ sections by more than 90%.

Generate even more efficient task schedules in less time.

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    Save scheduling time with SECTIONS

    SECTIONS is a new functionality in ORQUEST‘s automatic workforce scheduling software, perfect for achieving the highest efficiency in the operational processes of department stores.

    Schedule by sections more efficiently

    Manage specific KPIs for each section

    Optimize every labor hour of your employees

    Schedule according to precise forecast by section

    By organizing each department in the most efficient way possible, SECTIONS ensures that each employee’s labor hour is focused on what really matters: customer service .

    Thus, more sales are generated for each hour of work.

    ORQUEST exclusive advanced functionality

    How does SECTIONS work?

    Let’s imagine that you have a store organized in three sections: Woman, Man and Kids.

    Before, you needed to create the schedules and tasks plans, one by one, for each section.

    Now, with SECTIONS you can create a single schedule specifying the tasks of the employees of each section in one go without having to do the same process three times.

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    Time saving

    Reduce scheduling time by more than 90% by generating a global automatic schedule of all your departments

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    Increase in sales

    Assign tasks of the store to those employees trained for it regardless of the section in which they were assigned to.

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    Labor cost

    Make the most out of your employees from a section with less anticipation of customers to spend that working time on the inventory, for example.

    Orquest Sections

    Thanks to SECTIONS, you minimize staff needs because you optimize what you already have available without incurring an increase in labor costs.

    More than 1,300 points of sale and 42,500 employees of the main Retail and QSR companies already trust ORQUEST

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