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Orquest restauración codigo qr menu

The best apps for online restaurant menus

Best applications and QR codes for online menus in restaurants The hospitality industry has been one of the most affected sectors by the coronavirus pandemic. If restaurants didn’t do their homework before the fateful 2020, Covid-19 has made them put

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Planificación Personal Staff schedulling ORQUEST software planning du personnel

What makes an effective staffing plan?

How to adjust a staffing plan to your business needs  The management of human resources has recently experienced great advances at a business level, going from a merely secondary level to being considered a rising asset with great participatory power

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Fast Food Innovation KFC McDonald's Burger King TGB Beyond Meat Impossible

Fast Food Innovation: a yummy experience

Beef burgers without meat. Chicken nuggets printed in 3D. A robot that cooks 300 burgers in an hour. Welcome to Fast Food Futurism! Back to the future in the fast food industry The food industry moves forward so fast. The

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organized restaurant

Digital Transformation in Organized Restaurant Sector

In recent years, organized restaurant sector has had to adapt to the new digital model. Restaurants have changed the way they operate by introducing technological tools in the management of customer-facing processes (front-office) and internal processes (back-office). According to the

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work shifts

69% of restaurants still manage work shifts manually

According to the latest report on the digital transformation in the restaurant sector, carried out by TechFood Consult and Basque Culinary Center; among all management operations, work shifts management is the second most controlled operational task for restaurants. 81% of

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