8 de December de 2020

The 2020 final sprint of the Sports Retail sector

As soon as we could go outside, we put on our masks, our sneakers and our shorts and we jumped to the streets ready to run, […]
25 de November de 2020

Labor Welfare – 6 Successful Steps to Improve it

Labor Welfare: 6 steps on how to improve it  3,500 days of our lives are spent working. On average, working hours take up 10% of our […]
11 de November de 2020

Delivery boom and how to maximize its potential in restaurants

One of the worst scenarios for a business is not realizing that it has a problem, especially during a pandemic. The ship is sinking and you didn’t […]
28 de August de 2020

An updated look inside the global eyewear market

We have reviewed in the last articles published in our blog the realities and expectations of sectors as important as the sport retail, the beauty world […]
27 de August de 2020

How to improve supermarket operations, reduce labor cost and enhance customer service

Article originally published in Linkedin by Alberto del Barrio, CEO of ORQUEST Over the past few years, leading supermarkets have dedicated great efforts to improve their […]
27 de July de 2020

Fast Food Innovation: a yummy experience

Beef burgers without meat. Chicken nuggets printed in 3D. A robot that cooks 300 burgers in an hour. Welcome to Fast Food Futurism! Back to the […]
23 de July de 2020

The footfall optimization in the beauty sector

At ORQUEST we are committed to finding the best solutions for our clients. We believe that our advanced employee management software for retailers and restaurants can […]
5 de July de 2020

ORQUEST helps stores and restaurants get ready for the new normal

We are ready for the new now At ORQUEST we want to help stores and restaurants get ready for the new normal. To adapt to this […]
26 de May de 2020

Infographic: Most Important Physical Store KPIs

Let’s see which are the most important physical store KPIs: Footfall or In-Store Traffic Number of customer visits to the store during a given period. This […]
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