employee engagement
Infographic: The importance of scheduling for employee engagement
future of restaurants
The future of restaurants: investing in people and new technologies
employees quit
The 5 most common reasons why employees quit and how to avoid it
in-store conversion rate
Increasing the in-store conversion rate with Artificial Intelligence – 7 TIPS
Workforce Scheduling
Infographic: Problems about Workforce Scheduling in the Retail Sector
customer service
5 ways physical retailers can improve the shopping experience by customer service
poor restaurant planning
90% of restaurants that close do so because of poor restaurant planning
challenges in the retail industry
Infographic: Workforce Operational Challenges in the Retail Industry
labor cost
Labor cost, 6 keys to reducing it through better planning
shopping experience
Improve the shopping experience at store from the customer’s viewpoint
productivity restaurant
Improve productivity and service at your restaurant
restaurant planning
Why using Excel in your restaurant planning is costing you profitability
customer-facing employees
Customer-facing employees as a company’s main asset
Workforce Scheduling
Why Automatic Workforce Scheduling is Hard
conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization, the weapon to combat store traffic decline
customer experience
Fine tuning of workforce management to provide the best customer experience
store productivity
Maximizing the store workforce productivity to win the battle to online retailers
customer experience
Improve the customer experience with a better scheduling
How to reduce employee turnover at the retail industry
workforce optimization
Benefits, barriers and recommendations to achieve workforce optimization through analytics
The hidden cost of bad staff scheduling at store
Orquest becomes mobile
employee engagement
The importance of scheduling for employee engagement
The ROI of performance based scheduling
The healthy state of physical retail
The healthy state of physical retail
Don’t lose the opportunity to increase your sales
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