7 de June de 2021

Exotic meals, Quick Service Restaurants and technological solutions

There is no news if we say that Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are one of the fastest-growing restaurant business models. Neither is it a surprise if […]
6 de May de 2021

Groupe Seb, a retail expansion from the heart of the company

Karol Turek, Head of Retail at Groupe Seb Poland, explains how his retail expansion goal starts achieving his employees loyalty.
6 de May de 2021

Farmacias Mia, innovation to improve efficiency

The pharmaceutical retailer in Ecuador Farmacias Mia bets on innovation to look for maximize efficiency and achieve a higher employee satisfaction. ✅ Diego Moya and Carlos Ramírez discover Farmacias Mia success.
16 de April de 2021

Retail KPI tracking: measure to sell more

Tracking retail KPIs is vital in order to make the best decisions for your store ✍. Find out the most important indicators to keep in mind.
13 de March de 2021

Labor cost, 6 keys to reducing it through better planning

Labor cost in most companies is undoubtedly the most significant variable cost and one that can be optimized. Having the right person at the right time […]
25 de February de 2021

The 6 best persuasive selling techniques in retail sales

Understanding why the customer makes a decision ✅ help us to prepare a strategy based on the most effective persuasive selling techniques.
18 de February de 2021

Assisted selling improves customer service and conversion rate

In retail sector, customer-facing employees are the point of differentiation between physical and online retail. The shopping experience through personal contact with employees in the store, […]
27 de January de 2021

The best apps for online restaurant menus

Best applications and QR codes for online menus in restaurants The hospitality industry has been one of the most affected sectors by the coronavirus pandemic. If […]
20 de January de 2021

Hiring plans: why you need them to scale up your business

An optimal personnel hiring plan is basic for a company’s growth ✅ as well as using tools to optimize recruitment processes.
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